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Smoothface Veneer

Smoothface Sliced Brick Veneer Project in Hair saloon at Duty Free Center, Johor BahruSmoothface Brick Veneer Collection - Lives in with the fascinating charm of natural colors and exquisite styles
We invite you to discover a new range of brick veneers with polished texture, extra variety and rich in tones. With them, you can create the most striking effect of color combinations of burnt clay from its natural tones and shades.

Our Smoothface Brick Veneer are made to the thickness of 10mm for easy installation. They can adhere to almost all masonry surface without additional reinforcement.

Distinctive Features:-

A restaurant project using our Smoothface Brick Veneer
Golden Peach Color Smoothface Brick Veneer with Shade
Super Red Color Smoothface Sliced Brick Veneer
Dimensions: 215(L) x 67(W) x 10(H) mm
Weight: 0.29 kg/pc
Dimensions: 215(L) x 67(W) x 10(H) mm
Weight: 0.22 kg/pc
Technical Specifications :
Compressive Strength: > 70 MN / m2
Water Absorption: ~ 8%
* Veneer products are available in all major colors: Super Red (02), Golden Cream (15), Golden Peach (16), Golden Sand (40), Golden Brown (43), Dark Brown (49), Granite (54), and Lavender (67)
* The color displayed here are reproduced as close to the tru natural colors as the display media will allow